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Great value rewards card for small businesses

With an annual fee of $99, the Amex Business Edge Card is one of Amex's most affordable business cards. Also, up to 99 additional cards can be added for free.

Read more about how we score cards.

    The American Express Business Edge Card is an affordable solution for small businesses. Cardholders can earn 3 Membership Rewards points on business purchases and 1 point on daily spend.

    Tarjeta American Express® Business Edge™

    • annual quota

      499 $


    • interest charges


      This card also has a Flexible Payment Option (FPO) that allows you to transfer a portion of your balance plus interest toward eligible purchases. Cardholders must pay any charges not included in their FPO balance.

    • special price

      1.25x points

      Earn 1.25 Membership Rewards points for almost every $1 purchase and make the most of your business expenses.

    • introductory offer

      90,000 points

      Receive a welcome bonus of 90,000 Membership Rewards® points when you make $10,000 in purchases within the first three months of your card membership. That's $900 in statement credit that can be reinvested in your business.

    Apply now

    map details

    • Earn 90,000 Membership Rewards® welcome bonus points.
    • Receive a welcome bonus of 90,000 Membership Rewards® points when you make $10,000 in purchases within the first three months of your card membership. That's $900 in statement credit that can be reinvested in your business.
    • Earn points that you can redeem in different ways.
    • Earn 1.25 Membership Rewards points for almost every $1 purchase and make the most of your business expenses.
    • Enjoy an exceptional array of reward redemption options for you and your business, including travel, dining, entertainment, gift cards, merchandise and more with the Membership Rewards program.
    • Transfer points to frequent flyer and hotel programs, including one-to-one on Aeroplan®* and Avios.
    • Unlock business opportunities with a full suite of business management tools that give you more control over your business anytime, anywhere.
    • Enjoy financial flexibility with no predetermined spending limits on purchases. With this card, your purchasing power increases dynamically with the use of your card and can grow over time as long as you make your payments on time and have good credit.
    • Maximize your cash flow with up to 55 days interest-free, so you have more money available when you need it most.
    • Pay business expenses over time with the flexible payment option.
    • Both full balances and flexible payment options are available for this credit card. The remaining balance must be paid each month. An interest rate of 30% will be applied to any overdue payment that is due in full. This fee is applied from the day the account is opened. An interest rate of 20.99% will be applied to your flexible payment balance. This rate will be applied from the day the flexible payment option first becomes available on your account.
    • Enjoy exclusive benefits for you and your company.
    • Take advantage of the American Express Global Lounge Collection, which gives you access to more than 1,300 airport lounges around the world. These include the Centurion® Lounge Network, Plaza Premium Lounges and hundreds of other national and international lounges designed to enhance your travel experience.
    • Enjoy premium benefits at Toronto Pearson Airport, including access to Pearson Priority Security Lane and discounted parking.
    • Access discounted base fares for you and your travel companions when you book through the International Airlines program.
    • Enjoy access to specialized services and events, priority treatment and a dedicated concierge team.
    • American Express is not responsible for maintaining or monitoring the accuracy of the information on this website. For full details and up-to-date product information, click the Request Now link. conditions apply.

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    Complete Amex Business Edge assessment

    The American Express Business Edge Card is one of five commercial cards offered by Amex. It offers the lowest annual fee and an extensive welcome offer. However, it does not offer the full coverage of travel insurance or the benefits of other business cards.

    Benefits of American Express Business Edge

    • Up to 67,000 Membership Reward points are up for grabs for new cardholders.
    • Free additional employee cards, up to 99 per account.
    • Low annual fee compared to other commercial Amex cards.

    Disadvantages of American Express Business Edge

    • Offers limited insurance benefits.

    Who Should Get American Express Business Edge?

    Small business owners who want an affordable rewards card with free add-on cards should consider the Amex Business Edge card.

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    ¿Do you need money American Express Business Edge?

    The American Express Business Edge is worth checking out if you're looking for a simple business card solution. It has a lower annual fee than other Amex business credit card options and offers reasonable premium rates. However, limited coverage is not enough for some companies.

    American Express customer reviews

    • High customer satisfaction:American Express, in the J.D. Power 3rd place.
    • Low Trustpilot rating:1.6 out of 5 stars based on over 3,000 customer reviews at the time of writing.
    • Low Better Business Bureau rating:1.07 out of 5 stars based on over 290 customer reviews at the time of writing. American Express is not accredited by the BBB itself.

    Derecho een American Express Business Edge

    Who is eligible for Amex Business Edge?

    To apply for American Express Business Edge, you must:

    • be a resident of Canada.
    • Do you have a credit file in Canada.
    • You must be at least the age of majority in your county.

    Small business owners, such as entrepreneurs, freelancers, and sole proprietors, can apply.

    An estimated credit score is required for approval

    Canadian credit card issuers rarely disclose required credit ratings, making it difficult to estimate your chances of approval when comparing credit cards. What we do know is that regardless of the type of loan you are applying for, higher scores mean a higher chance of approval.

    Do you want to know more? Visit our "What credit score is required for a credit card?page of the book.

    " FURTHER: How to check your solvency

    Compensates for Business Edge from American Express

    welcome offer

    ongoing rewards

    card value

    Earn up to 67,000 Membership Reward points in the first year of card ownership.

    • Earn 45,000 points when you spend at least $5,000 in the first three months.
    • Earn 1,000 points every month by spending at least $3,000 each billing cycle (potentially 12,000 points in the first year).
    • You can earn an additional 10,000 points during the first six months when you use the card for eligible business supplies such as stationery, gas and electronics.
    • 3x points for every CAD spent on eligible business expenses such as office supplies, electronics, transportation, gas, food and beverages.
    • 1x point for everything else.

    The value of American Express Membership Rewards points varies depending on the redemption method you choose. However, based on NerdWallet's analysis, you can expect between 0.7 and 2 cents per point. That means the potential 67,000 points available to new cardholders are worth between $469 and $1,340.

    Point value breakdown

    Depending on the redemption method you choose, you can expect to spend approximately 0.7 to 2 cents per American Express Membership Rewards point.

    • Up to 2 cents per point on flights, fine hotels and resorts booked through the American Express Points Travel Program.
    • 1 cent per point for statement credits.
    • About 0.8 cents per point for gift cards.
    • About 0.7 cents per point when purchased from retail partners.

    How do you apply for the American Express Business Edge Card?

    You can apply for American Express Business Edge online through the company's website. The process takes five to ten minutes and you will receive a response within 60 seconds of submitting your request.

    Just click the Apply Now button and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Enter your personal content information, company information, and employment information. Provide all requested documents and click "Submit".

    American Express Business Edge versus Tarjeta de compenseert American Express Business Gold

    For twice the price per year, the American Express Business Gold Rewards card offers no pre-set spending limits and offers more insurance coverage than Amex Business Edge.

    Reasons why you might want a different card

    If you want a card that offers a more comprehensive list of travel benefits and insurance coverage, or doesn't have a preset spending limit, you should consider another card.

    Business advantage of American ExpressTarjeta American Express Business Gold-beloningen
    annual fees99 $199 $
    minimum annual
    Additional cards for employees$0 for up to 99 additional cards.$50 per year per card.
    • 3x points on eligible business expenses such as office supplies and gas.

    • 1x point for everything else.
      • 10,000 points per quarter when you spend $20,000 or more (net amount).

      • 1x point for everything else.
        • Protection against misuse of the card by the employee.

        • Access presale tickets and special events.

        • Customer service 24/7.

        • Rental car protection.
        • Buy protection.

        • Extended warranty.
          • No preset spending limit.

          • Protection against misuse of the card by the employee.

          • Access presale tickets and special events.

          • Customer service 24/7.

          • Rental car protection.
          • Buy protection.

          • Extended warranty.
          • Travel insurance such as flight delay, hotel theft and lost luggage.

          • Discounts on rental cars and discounts on hotel upgrades.

            Gegevens over American Express Business Edge

            Business advantage of American Express
            type of memory cardbusiness credit card
            Rates and Interest Rates
            annual quota99 $
            Regular/Buy APR20,99 %
            APR fine24.99% on purchases afterwards and/or 26.99% on advances.
            cash advance APR21,99 %
            Rewards and Benefits
            introductory offerEarn up to 67,000 Membership Reward points in the first year of card ownership.
            Premium Earning RatesEarn 3 Membership Rewards points on eligible business expenses and 1 point on everything else.
            additional benefits
            • Protection against misuse of the employee card. Coverage up to $100,000 if an employee misuses a supplemental card for non-business purchases.

            • Access to American Express Experiences, including presale tickets and access to special events.

            • Customer service 24/7.

            insurance coverage
            Theft/damage to a rental carFor up to 48 days.
            Extended warrantyUp to 1 more year.
            purchase protection90 roofs.

            scoring methodology

            NerdWallet Canada ranks credit cards based on overall consumer value and suitability for specific consumer groups. factorsour evaluation methodThese include annual and other fees, reward rates, revenue structure (for example, flat fees vs. bonus levels), redemption options, new cardholder bonus offers, introductory and ongoing APRs, and other notable features such as airline or hotel benefits or the ability to transfer points.

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              Frequently Asked Questions about American Express Business Edge

              What are the income requirements for American Express Business Edge?

              There are no generally available income requirements. You must be at least the age of majority, be a Canadian resident and have a Canadian credit profile.

              How Much Do American Express Business Edge Expansion Cards Cost?

              Additional Amex Business Edge cards are free. You can get up to 99 cards per account. All cardholders must be at least 18 years old.

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              The best American Express credit cards for businesses

              Amex business cards in Canada offer numerous benefits and extensive insurance coverage. Earn Aeroplan Points and Membership Rewards.

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              What is the most difficult Amex to get? ›

              The hardest Amex card to get is the Centurion® Card from American Express. Also known as the “Black Card,” this Amex card is hard to get because it is available by invitation only, and potential candidates are rumored to need an annual income of at least $1 million.

              Is Amex business a hard pull? ›

              There is not a hard pull to your credit profile when applying for an American Express® Business Line of Credit if pre-approved, therefore, applying will not have any impact on your credit score.

              Which American Express card is the most prestigious? ›

              Centurion® Card from American Express

              Why It's One of the Most Exclusive Credit Cards: The most exclusive, prestigious credit card is without a doubt the American Express Centurion Card, otherwise known as the Amex Black Card.

              Is Amex useful in Canada? ›

              Where is American Express accepted in Canada?
              American ExpressYes
              May 23, 2023

              Why do a lot of people not take Amex? ›

              The different fees often make or break a deal for a merchant. This is why many merchants, especially small businesses, don't accept American Express. American Express' interchange fee is just too high. Providers like Visa and Mastercard charge between 1.15% and 2.5%, while Amex charges merchants between 1.43% and 3.3%.

              What is the easiest Amex card to get approved for? ›

              Which Amex card is the easiest to get? The easiest Amex cards to get are ones with a lower minimum spending requirement for rewards, as well as a low annual fee or no annual fee. Examples include the Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express and the American Express Cash Magnet Card.

              Why is Amex Platinum so hard to get? ›

              Yes, it is hard to get the American Express Platinum card because applicants need a 700+ credit score and a high income to qualify for approval. But if you have at least good credit and make a lot of money, you have a decent shot at getting approved.

              How do I get the highest Amex limit? ›

              You can request a credit limit increase from American Express online or over the phone. To make your request online, log in to your credit card account and select Account Services > Card Management > Increase Your Credit Limit. Or you can call the number on the back of your credit card to request an increase.

              Which Amex doesn't have a limit? ›

              If you have a Consumer or Business Green, Gold or Platinum Card, your Card does not have a credit limit. Instead, your Card has no preset spending limit unless you have been previously notified otherwise. No preset spending limit means the spending limit is flexible.

              Is Amex harder to get than Visa? ›

              Because Visa is offered by so many more card issuers than American Express, there are more types of Visa cards, so it's typically easier to get approved for a Visa card with a lower credit score than an American Express card.


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